Mlily Serene Ultra Memory Foam Mattress


Meet the cool, refreshing feel of the Gel-infused Mlily Memory Foam. The Mlily Serene Ultra combines the Mlily Cooling Technology with Memory Foam design to create a surface that moulds to your body’s natural contours, provide a corner to corner level of complete support.
The Serene series by Mlily offers a line of affordable luxury mattresses designed for a relaxed, comfortable night of sleep. Experience a good night’s rest on a mattress series that enables sleep that is calm, peaceful, and untroubled; tranquil.


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Mlily Serene Ultra Memory Foam Mattress

Mlily Gel-Memory Foam: Mlilys sleep scientists have crafted a layer of soft, supple Comfort Memory Foam infused with a patented Mlily Cooling Gel to provide a more natural feel. 1”

Comfort Memory Foam: With a layer of added Comfort Memory Foam to further adapt to your body’s natural contours, creating a deeper and more comfortable night’s sleep. 1”

Flex Support Foam: Mlilys Flex Support Foam base brings out the performance of this mattress, providing a complete level of corner to corner support. Since it’s an Ortho, this layer is specially designed to enhance back and joint support. 8”


Twin, Twin XL, Double, Double XL, Queen, King